Thursday, November 30, 2006

This Week at War!!!

Hey Gang... Just wanted to give you a heads up on the current war being waged at Josh and I both have Moji's in the war.
First up is DemonHead vs Cherry Pi in the 3rd round, This is a Super-match in my book. Both characters are strong designs and it really comes down to personal opinion.

Big Fatty,DIEcast,and Gremlin Octopoda have all made it into the second round. Will they be able to endure this grueling battle and move into the final round before the Super-Match?

It has been a tough war thus far. Big Fatty by Yolkum, a.k.a. Joshua Janes, is in a very brutal match with Osmond the closet monster by Foppit. Big Fatty could use a hand...aaaaa... I mean some votes...yeah votes is what I meant to say....ahem. Moving right along. DIEcast by universe K, a.k.a. Kevin Myers, is in a neck and neck battle with Talking Mountain Bears by Typograph. This one could go either way. And Gremlin Octopoda by universe K, is in a ferocious melee with Another Gremlin Gimmick Gremlin Airlines by Ronchhon. Another tight match, this may go all the way to the final bell.

And rounding out the set is Kieron the Fallen. Part of universe K's Angel and Demons character design series. Kieron is battling yet another Gimmick Gremlin, Monkeygirl by Domestica. So far Kieron is holding his own but watch out for the late comeback by Monkeygirl, this could be a real challenge for Kieron.

I am wartime reporter, Snap Skirmish, and this has been your week at War...Get out the vote!

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Big-Maow said...

Well done team!