Thursday, November 16, 2006

Sketches for Eshel the Fire of God

Big-Maow commented that he would like to see the sketches for Eshel the Angel. I have a couple. Some initial ones and then the nailed down design for the character.

From that nailed down version, I drew him up in a different pose which was then taken into Adobe Illustrator a finished out. I use the transparency palette like crazy with a few blur effects here and there. Often times the piece takes on a new life when I start working on it in illustrator... but for this one I stayed pretty close to the sketch concept.

Thanks for looking.


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Big-Maow said...

I really am a lazy sob when it comes Illus! I tend to you the easy way out with Flash but I dont think you have the flexibility as you would with AI to create Eshel!
Nice to see concept work like this! It seems you already had the design down already judging by these sketches.
Thanks for sharing them!