Tuesday, October 31, 2006

It's a WAR!

Hey everyone... The Lizard and The Redneck have made it to the war. He can use your votes and if you act now... The Redneck might just share his MadDog with ya. So vote, vote,vote!

Plus, you saw Josh's post about his Jauggernaut class D Moji it's in the second round. Congrats Josh!



The Juggernaut class D fought a tough battle against the french inhaler and came out victorious! He has rumbled his way into round two and the robotic war machine is now locked in combat with Headquake!

I hope that everyone can swing by moji and vote for the Juggernaut to help him defeat the Headquake.


Friday, October 27, 2006

Octo-Gremlin for lack of a better name.

Okay here he is... my next installment to the Gremlin revolution, that is taking place at Mojizu.com. Josh posted his earlier today (see his in the post below). He and I both will be posting them to Mojizu, first thing Monday. Hopefully, there will be a a bunch more that will be joining us. Something cool I found on that site, if you do a search on gremlin, all of the gremlins will come up lined one right after the other. But here's a tip. You must have the name gremlin in the moji name.

Anyway.. Hope you enjoy.



Gremlin Invasion on Moji Continues!

Oh it has begun my friendly Gimmick readers...

The attack of the menacing little gimmick gremlins and they are multiplying as if dunked in a bucket of water.

So far two new Gremlins have emerged from the depths, by artists Nigraz and Domestica on the Mojizu site. These great artists have created two awesome Mojis. Check them out at http://www.mojizu.com .

Caught up in this gremlin fever, I decided to add another gremlin to my mojizu arsenal. This sad physical specimen of a gremlin is named "BIG FATTY", for obvious reasons. I decided to do this image totally in illustrator unlike Demon Head that was painted in photoshop. This was a fun character to work up and as you can tell by his stomach, he is also a shameless promotional advertisement...ha. Gotta do what you gotta do and Big Fatty was up for a little blood letting.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Gimmick Gremlins on Mojizu

Here is a sketch of a second gremlin I am putting up on Mojizu to hopefully bring even more people in to the fray. This one is going to be completely rendered in illustrator.

As you can see the blank gremlin mannequin is just there to give you the pose and a basic gremlin shape, we hope you take this as far as you imagination will carry you. ---Josh

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Gimmicks -gremlin body

Okay here's the deal. Josh and I have thrown down the gauntlet over at Mojizu.com. Josh's and mine. We thought it would be fun to do a group of moji's that use the same basic body shape and are in the same family group. In this case that family the gremlin gimmick. Try and use the same body shape and the same pose but obviously as you see with Josh's and my own they can vary some. Mine is mid jump, his is anchored to the ground. So have some fun with it, we did. Also, please name the moji family: gimmicks. That way we all know it is part of this little experiment. Let us know if you have any questions. We check this throughout the day.

Kill it!


Demon Head Gremlin

Well everyone, I'm back...

Yeah, yeah, yeah... keep it down... stop cursing...

If you don't know, and you probably don't, since it was a conversation between just me and him...
Kevin, who I like to refer too as the art slave driver, hit me with an idea he had to do similarly based mojis for http://www.mojizu.com . It works like this, he would do a gremlin moji and then a bunch of the rest of us would all do gremlins in the same body shape and pose as well. Not the same character, just our spin on a gremlin. Really cool idea.

So here is my gremlin to go with his Bionic Gremlin.
I call him Demon Head Gremlin, I know, wow really creative name?... well piss off, I came up with it at 2 am, ha...

Anyways now that I've insulted you, please go to moji and vote, I'd like to se these guys battle it out in a mojiwar.


http://www.joshuajanes.com - Demon-head Gremlin © Joshua Janes 2006. All Rights Reserved.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Portfolio book Illustrations

Sorry for the repost of the portfolio cover illustration just thought it should be seen next to the interior illustration. They are both for my 2006 portfolio book. The interior illustration will accompany my bio info.
Hope ya dig it.

www.universeK.com - © Kevin Myers 2006. All Rights Reserved.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Bionic Gremlin

Just playing around this weekend, did this guy purely for fun. I dropped him on to mojizu.com so if you get a chance head over and rate him.

www.universeK.com - Bionic Gremlin © Kevin Myers 2006. All Rights Reserved.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Yes I am your typical self indulgent, self promoting, dream fulfilling artist! Also referred too as an idiot by my wife.

Hey just wanted to introduce myself to those who might care and force feed myself to those who don't. My name is Joshua Janes, as I'm sure you saw in the info above. A few... probably very few actually clicked on my profile and read the typical drivel that all people of my profession spill to try to make you believe that we are as great, as we think we are.

For those of you not suckered by a barrage of slapped together sentences that we required our wives and husbands to rewrite for us as they shake their heads at our bottomless need for self gratification, I say bravo!

So lets get past the list of degrees and pretty typefaces that are there only to make us as artists seem some what understandable to the stuff shirt world of business and get to what matters, THE ART. We all know the long list of big name companies makes your typical executive drool, but much like putting yer hand in a meat grinder, there is nothing more stifling to the creative process than big company politics.

(ATTENTION: To any of those individuals that are stuff shirt big business types and that have the ability to approve and sign giant contracts for boat loads of money, I wasn't talking about you. I personally don't understand these art freaks myself?).

Anyways, I started with humble begins and pretty much remained there, no choice of my own. I personally wouldn't mind being insanely wealthy and just draw my Zeak Yolkum™ cartoons all day, but alas I have not won the lottery and my pretty face makes me fear taking the chance of criminal acts that may lead me to an 8x8 cell with a roommate.

My background for those to lazy to click the link, this would include myself, I'm currently a full time illustrator for a publishing company, doing covers for educational activity books and the occasional children's story book. Like all jobs it has it's good and it's bad, but the work is fun stuff most of the time.

Well that's my intro... nothing to fancy. Now I'll throw a couple images up, cause hell that's the whole point of this blog. So lets hope this works.

Later. Josh

Let's get it started...

Hopefully this will become a regular thing. Might be cool...could be fun.
My first image is of the cover I am doing for my personal portfolio. I created the portfoilo in iPhoto and have it published through there as well. The cover template is a bit sucky but you work with what you got. They only cost like 10 bucks a piece for like 22 pages. That is the medium size. Good size to carry around with you.

Anyway... here it is.