Thursday, October 26, 2006

Gimmick Gremlins on Mojizu

Here is a sketch of a second gremlin I am putting up on Mojizu to hopefully bring even more people in to the fray. This one is going to be completely rendered in illustrator.

As you can see the blank gremlin mannequin is just there to give you the pose and a basic gremlin shape, we hope you take this as far as you imagination will carry you. ---Josh


Jo Bling said...

Nice site, squires! Found my way here via Nik's MOBAZ pad. Tres bon artwork!


Anonymous said...

Thanks again for the invite

Kevin Myers said...

Hey Big-Maow... Loved your version, nice work! I really dig your style! What's your technique? Do you hand ink and photoshop the colors?

Anyway gang, here is the link to Big-Maows version of the "Gremlin Gimmick".

And check out Big-Maow's blog here.


Anonymous said...

Thanks kevin
Yup, you got that spot on, ink->scan->ps.
I was going to ask you the same, as you have developed a solid technique for your work.
scan->ps as well?

Kevin Myers said...

I do a rough sketch, (these days the sketches have gotten pretty darn rough. I have had to make myself spend a little more time, in the sketch stage, just so I can have some decent sketches.) then I scan and finish up in illustrator. I still do some work in photoshop but I love Illustrator. I can do so much in there and keep the illustration scaleable in case I have an unintended need for an enlargement.


Joshua Janes said...

Yeah, sweet gremlin Big-maow... he has that Ed Wood Zombie - Plan 9 from outer space thing going on very cool. Like your technique very similar to the way I work. ---Josh