Friday, October 27, 2006

Octo-Gremlin for lack of a better name.

Okay here he is... my next installment to the Gremlin revolution, that is taking place at Josh posted his earlier today (see his in the post below). He and I both will be posting them to Mojizu, first thing Monday. Hopefully, there will be a a bunch more that will be joining us. Something cool I found on that site, if you do a search on gremlin, all of the gremlins will come up lined one right after the other. But here's a tip. You must have the name gremlin in the moji name.

Anyway.. Hope you enjoy.




Anonymous said...


Joshua Janes said...

Thats awesome brother, like how the color came out. Just an awesome looking gremlin. His eyes look vicious, like how you changed them. Go vote for the Octo-Gremlin everybody. ---Josh

Kevin Myers said...

Thanks Guys... Much appreciated.

Kevin Myers said...

Any suggestions on a name for this ugly sucker? I am just not firing on all cylinders for this one.

mireldeyn said...

ah! yet another cool design :D... really loving the detail/design/and facial! very menacing looking... i'll definately be voting on these at mojizu... good luck and keep up the great work!

skot "kangarookid" johnson