Tuesday, October 31, 2006

It's a WAR!

Hey everyone... The Lizard and The Redneck have made it to the war. He can use your votes and if you act now... The Redneck might just share his MadDog with ya. So vote, vote,vote!

Plus, you saw Josh's post about his Jauggernaut class D Moji it's in the second round. Congrats Josh!



Anonymous said...

Looks like EVERYONE is in battle these days!
Im green with envy! Best of luck Kevin! I like the "red neck & dino" concept here! Mark Schultz eat your heart out!

Kevin Myers said...

Thanks Big-Maow, the way the war is heading looks like Luck is exaclty what I am going to need.

Had to look up Mark Schultz ... the name didn't come to me right away. Googled him up... sure enough, I know that guy! I remember his Cadillac & Dinosaurs stuff, that stuff was cool. I can only wish to be in that class of artist, hopefully I will get there. Thanks for the walk down memory lane.