Tuesday, October 31, 2006


The Juggernaut class D fought a tough battle against the french inhaler and came out victorious! He has rumbled his way into round two and the robotic war machine is now locked in combat with Headquake!

I hope that everyone can swing by moji and vote for the Juggernaut to help him defeat the Headquake.



Anonymous said...

This kind of design sometimes cries out for super detailing on the color work. Im glad you kept it simple and stylish as I think "over detailing" would overpower the design. Bet of luck on the Moji war, I will be keeping an eye out or two or even three!
Nice job!

Joshua Janes said...

Hey thanks big-maow!
Yeah, I started out in the comics realm and the name of the game when I was into it was lots of detail and rendering. I really wanted my Zeak Yolkum™ http://www.yolkum.com series to stay simple and clean with a dark fun edge. (That makes absolutely no sense now that I read it, but it's true...ha)

Really it was for two reasons, 1. I really like the simplistic cartoon look. I enjoy the heavy rendering like on demon head, but this just seems to fit. 2. I've found that when I do my own projects and am not working under some ones deadlines I tend to get carried away. I'd start painting really get elaborate but never get to far on the book.

So this style keeps me moving and gives it a little lighter look to a story line full of killers, politics, and love... ok not a whole bunch of mushy stuff...killers, politics, and alcohol. Yeah that sounds better.

I really appreciate your comments.

Thanks man.