Friday, October 27, 2006

Gremlin Invasion on Moji Continues!

Oh it has begun my friendly Gimmick readers...

The attack of the menacing little gimmick gremlins and they are multiplying as if dunked in a bucket of water.

So far two new Gremlins have emerged from the depths, by artists Nigraz and Domestica on the Mojizu site. These great artists have created two awesome Mojis. Check them out at .

Caught up in this gremlin fever, I decided to add another gremlin to my mojizu arsenal. This sad physical specimen of a gremlin is named "BIG FATTY", for obvious reasons. I decided to do this image totally in illustrator unlike Demon Head that was painted in photoshop. This was a fun character to work up and as you can tell by his stomach, he is also a shameless promotional advertisement...ha. Gotta do what you gotta do and Big Fatty was up for a little blood letting.


Kevin Myers said...

Another GREAT ONE from Yolkum. Killer! Spoke with Josh Friday and he will be putting this one up on Monday morning along side my own. You have gotta give this one a great score on! Let's get as many gremlins as we can in to the Moji war. Maybe we can take it over. Viva La Gremlin!


Joshua Janes said...

Thanks Kevin, I'll pay you your usual fee for that plug... ha!


Kevin Myers said...

The SquirrelGirl has relayed another message to me..." Hi Josh, I like all your pictures. Your great at drawing pictures. I like your monsters. I like you Josh."

mireldeyn said...

heya everyone! this is kangarookid from mojizu... after seeing a couple mentions of this site, i had to check it out! and i must say, that is some awesome talent, love the detail/design/facial :D... keep up the great work, and good luck with the gremlin revolution :))!

skot "kangarookid" johnson