Friday, October 20, 2006

Yes I am your typical self indulgent, self promoting, dream fulfilling artist! Also referred too as an idiot by my wife.

Hey just wanted to introduce myself to those who might care and force feed myself to those who don't. My name is Joshua Janes, as I'm sure you saw in the info above. A few... probably very few actually clicked on my profile and read the typical drivel that all people of my profession spill to try to make you believe that we are as great, as we think we are.

For those of you not suckered by a barrage of slapped together sentences that we required our wives and husbands to rewrite for us as they shake their heads at our bottomless need for self gratification, I say bravo!

So lets get past the list of degrees and pretty typefaces that are there only to make us as artists seem some what understandable to the stuff shirt world of business and get to what matters, THE ART. We all know the long list of big name companies makes your typical executive drool, but much like putting yer hand in a meat grinder, there is nothing more stifling to the creative process than big company politics.

(ATTENTION: To any of those individuals that are stuff shirt big business types and that have the ability to approve and sign giant contracts for boat loads of money, I wasn't talking about you. I personally don't understand these art freaks myself?).

Anyways, I started with humble begins and pretty much remained there, no choice of my own. I personally wouldn't mind being insanely wealthy and just draw my Zeak Yolkum™ cartoons all day, but alas I have not won the lottery and my pretty face makes me fear taking the chance of criminal acts that may lead me to an 8x8 cell with a roommate.

My background for those to lazy to click the link, this would include myself, I'm currently a full time illustrator for a publishing company, doing covers for educational activity books and the occasional children's story book. Like all jobs it has it's good and it's bad, but the work is fun stuff most of the time.

Well that's my intro... nothing to fancy. Now I'll throw a couple images up, cause hell that's the whole point of this blog. So lets hope this works.

Later. Josh

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Kevin Myers said...

Man you write just as much as you talk. It even seems loud.