Thursday, November 30, 2006

Congratulations Joshua Janes!!! MojiWar Champ 11.20.06

First off... I should have done this a lot sooner, but with the holidays and me being an ass and all, well it just went undone. Sorry Josh.

After stomping the competition through 3 rounds and a much anticipated Supermatch, Joshua Janes became the undisputed MojiWar Champion of the World. When asked about his thoughts on the war, Joshua Janes responded, and I quote,

"Yeah it was a rough go... aaaaa.. I would have to say that it was downright brutal on me, personally. I think I must have cried at least a dozen times. And well, ah-hoo...hold on... I think I got something in my eye... got any tissue? Ah-hoo...just makes the water well up in my eyes... I can't see. I CAN'T SEE... BABY, MY EYES, MY EYES..."

Yes... it just makes you feel for that poor redneck.

Well there ya have it, Joshua Janes the MojiWar Champ for the week of 11.20.06. And with the current war he is in the third round so look for him to be in the SuperMatch Next week.

This has been a universe K production.

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