Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Frolix8 has gone to war! - Argo the Androgenous

Frolix8's Moji Argo the Androgenous has made it to the super match!

I have battled with Frolix8 in the past against his character the French inhaler who was a brutal competitor, so I can speak with experience when I say this guy has some great work.

His slick vector style has a great feeling of fluid motion that stands out from the crowd. I hope everyone will click the link above and shoot some votes over to frolix8. Below is some info about Argo.

Name: Argo the Androgenous
Birthday: 10.10.2006
Likes David: Bowie, leather
Dis-likes: boys, girls
Category: other lifeforms
An elitist in every way, Argo the Androgenous Nymphomaniac is a breathing contradiction.
Design Style Style/vector
-Yeah, he went there.

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(article by Janes)

Argo the Androgenous is the property of Frolix8 © 2006, All Rights Reserved.

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