Tuesday, November 28, 2006


That's right, it's time for the Gimmick art blog's shameless plug of the week!

This weeks artist is Adam Martin, A.K.A. blueapple on Mojizu. What drew our attention to Adam was his latest moji submission, DogFish... Just a great looking character!

Adam's style and technique are as professional as it gets and his choice in colors are beautiful... well as beautiful as a hybrid mutant drooling dog fish can be?!

The most striking part of DogFish is the inking which makes him jump off the screen at you. My guess is that it was done with a soft tipped pen nib... I haven't had a chance to ask him myself, so if your curious, I'd swing by his profile on Mojizu and give him a holler. This friendly looking DogFish is packed with personality and is definitely worth a 10 vote.

Also check out Adam Martins other Mojis and his website at www.blueapplestudio.com which is packed with great illustrations and one sweet flash load page.

article by Janes

DogFish © 2006 Adam Martin, All Rights Reserved.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Great imagination and illustration skills Adam.
Makes me realize that I need to be a lot more "freer" in the imagination dept of the my creative stimuli! I know that doesnt make much sense but you get the idea!....I think!
Great stuff pal