Friday, January 26, 2007

NEW and IMPROVED!... Well easier to maintain, anyways.

Yes, I finally broke down and did it, I fixed my screwed up website and added some more of my illustrations to the portfolio.

The entire site has better navigation now and the opening page has become my blog, so adding all the things that I feel are important and you all, think good gravy this is lame?... will be easier.

As you may have also noticed the Gimmick blog has been slow to update since Christmas... I blame this on Kevin for being a lazy bastage and not staying on top of things... ha
Actually we were hoping to launch the new BIG Gimmick art blog, but schedules got tight and things fell by the way side, but fear not Gimmick readers we hope to move ahead soon with our next Big Gimmick.

Also for fans of Zeak Yolkum™, "yes you the one guy in the back... no not you... You. yep... Oh yer not a fan? Just bored ya say?... oh, ok..."

Well to that one fan I have out there, "Mom you know who you are", I will be putting the next addition of Yolkum up soon. I again blame Kevin for why this isn't done, even though he has nothing to do with Zeak Yolkum™ other than to point out the fact that he has my banana faced chin... That hurts Kevin.

So to wrap it up, come visit my new site and if you like my ramblings, subscribe to my blog while yer there.

Later every one,


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Anton said...

Hey Josh, good to see your keeping busy and I'll be stopping by your new site soon. There's much to catch up and when I get back from my late night supper I will have a look and see what all the fuss is all about with the above comments on the PS3 and Xbox 360, the trouble is is that Im busy with work to have any good run at the games but maybe I might be swayed, ciao for now.