Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Joshua Janes runs through the competition one battle after another straight to Moji-War Victory for the second time. Congratulations Josh!

In a related note. Demon Head Gremlin, a brutally bad ass Illustration, is heading into retirement. He will be settling down and enjoying his favorite hobby of knitting pot holders in his retirement home he endearingly calls "Hell" or as we know it Oak Harbor, OH.

Again Congratulations Josh! Keep those bad ass Moji-Champs coming.

--universe K


Anonymous said...

Congrats to the "daddy" of the Gimmick family, Demon Head for well earned victory! Some very good challengers gave him a run for the # 1 position!
The "spawn" of this Gimmick Gremlin will have some big hoofs to fill and then some!
Well done Josh!

smyers5 said...

Congratulations Josh! Demon Head needed to win. For being one ugly character, he sure is amazing! Nice write-up Kevin.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Josh on your win! That is a great piece of art. And yes, that is a great write-up K!