Monday, December 18, 2006


After Josh's amazing win in the War the week before.
Zolel the Gluttonous, Eshel the Fire of God and Kieron the Fallen have all moved on to the next rounds.

The SuperMatch
Kevin Myers character Kieron the Fallen has moved into the Super-Match against a very rough competitor Mik Mak. Mik Mak, by superb artist Skaffa, killed his last opponent winning an overwhelming victory. Kieron may have to go back to Hell when this match is over. So give him your votes.

Round 3
Eshel the Fire of God by Kevin Myers battles Kzzt by talented artist, Number26. Kzzt too has been killing the competition. Eshel is gonna have to call on the power of God to defeat this very cool adversary. So help out Eshel and say some prayers and more importantly give him some votes. :)

Round 2
Zolel the Gluttonous By Kevin Myers takes on SAX007 by Saberox. SAX007 is part of the Gimmick Gremlin line. A very interesting battle to watch. Will Zolel be able to beat the uber-Moji, SAX007.

And there it is.

I am wartime reporter, Snap Skirmish, and this has been This Week at War!!!... Get out the vote!

Eshel the Fire of God, Kieron the Fallen, Zolel the Gluttonous© Kevin Myers 2006. All other characters © their respective owners. All Rights Reserved


Roc said...

great blog!

Kid Flash said...

I saw both the Kieron and the Eshel pictures on deviant art a while back. I think that those are both way better than what they are up against. That Mik Mak thing just really bothers me, especially the fact that it's gotten more votes than Kieron. STUPID CUTE STUFF!