Monday, December 11, 2006

SHAMELESS PLUG OF THE WEEK: fatMAC, Redcell Productions.

We loaded our guns, took aim, and found our target to plug, 23 year old fatMAC of Redcell Productions!

Honestly I don't think I have enough firepower to truly unleash the amount of support and praise that is due this artist from our Gimmick cannons. His stable of characters on Mojizu are jaw dropping to say the least, and I'm not gonna say the least... hell I never do.

FatMAC uses a beautiful digital painting technique to bring to life some seriously menacing sci-fi beasties. One of my all time favorites, not just of the MACs, but of all of Mojizu is the cybernetic monstrosity SlugBot. This transforming slug of death is amazing, with a perfect mixture of beautiful rendering, eye popping details and DAMN!... one mean ass looking face.

Besides showing off a great visual imagination, fatMAC gives us a taste of wonderful story ideas in his moji's bios that could translate into an awesome line of movies, comics or cartoons.

So, if you dig monsters & science fiction or just want to be impressed by some amazing illustrative work, swing by Redcell Productions and check out fatMAC's gallery or his other moji's on his Mojizu profile.

Tell him some friggin' gimmick sent ya.

article by Janes
"if I wasn't writing this, I'd just be boring you with stories about myself."

fatMAC characters © 2006 All Rights Reserved.


Kevin Myers said...

Definitely one of the best artists on Mojizu! I love his work! Although my favorite is not SlugBot. Don't get me wrong that one rocks but I love Aguraki. It has awesome style, pose and great detail. Overall just a solid character design. Not that they all aren't but he's my favorite.


Anonymous said...

All of his Moji's say one thing to me....merchandising! I'm talking action figures! Video Game's the whole 9 yards! The rendering and character design play off very well together. Shadow Pulse and SlugBot are a couple of my favorites. I cant seem to access fatMac's site but I'll have another go later, looking forward to seeing more of his work.
Great stuff!

smyers5 said...

fatMAC, you have great talent. These illustrations almost look like photos of actual toys. Great work!