Sunday, December 03, 2006


That's right, it's time for the Gimmick art blog's shameless plug of the week!

As we, the gimmick boys, make our choice for the artist of the week, we look for just a few things; imagination, style and skill. We want to profile those artists who we consider to be great and talent worthy of a look.

So with that in mind this week's artist Anton Dirkin, better known in the world of Mojizu and internet land as Big Maow. Big Maow joined our Gimmick family on Mojizu with his first gremlin Lenny. But his particapation is not why we are showcasing this talent. We would be showing off his work wether he made a gremlin or not.

And here is why... Big Maow has a definite and distinct style, with beautiful lines and great character design. His line work contains so much energy and motion that the super cool looking characters just jump off the page. There is so much personality and attitude in his pieces that we just couldn't resist showcasing his work.

So head on over to his blog and his Mojizu profile page and drop him a few comments and votes.

article by Myers

Lenny and Lenny2©2006 Anton Dirkin, All Rights Reserved.


TrunkMonkey said...

great work man..i loved this one from the time it was put up..
thanks for kicking it one mojizu..

Anonymous said...

Wow is that a plug or what!?
Thanks fellas for the kind words of praise. Lenny Gremlin is licking his wounds from his battle with Cherry Pie who gave him a thumpin'! The Gimmick Gremlin team have together given an inspiring amount of creativity with their own designs. I look forward to the next challenge these come up with. Many thanks again guys for consideration and efforts!

Anonymous said...

Yes that was me ^ btw! Thanks again!